About Dr. Michael A. Pasquale

The Amazing Surgical Dissector

The Boob-A-Rang is the surgical dissector invented by Dr. Michael Anthony Pasquale of Honolulu Hawaii used in his private clinic for over 18 years. The dissector is used primarily for axillary breast augmentation or buttock augmentation. Without any need for a cumbersome scope to form a pocket the instrument allows to dissect a breast implant or buttock implant pocket with very little bleeding. This disector has allowed Dr. Pasquale to complete a breast augmentation in under 30 minutes consistantly with a less than 5% complication rate in over 1000 breast augmentations done through the armpit.

Dr. Michael Anthony Pasquale - Hawaii Plastic Surgeon

The Boob-a-rang was created by Dr. Michael Pasquale, a board certified plastic surgeon practicing in Honolulu Hawaii. He has been performing breast augmentation and buttock augmentation with the Boob-a-Rang for nearly 15 years. Dr. Pasquale was formally trained in facial nerve surgery and micro hand reconstruction.

Dr. Pasquale experienced the same problem most plastic surgeons have when performing axillary breast augmentation - problematic scopes, too much bleeding, the difficult, lengthy and tedious process of creating a pocket. When using any of the popular dissectors that seem to have gained popularity there was always that slight chance the instrument would twist in your hand or slip and cause a pneumothorax. Similar problems existed when performing buttock augmentation as well.

There was a need for a specialized instrument that minimized these risks, reduced surgery time, and lessened the dependance on expensive temperamental equipment. It was out of this need that Dr. Pasquale created and perfected the Boob-a-Rang. This instrument addresses all of the problems and allowed for Dr. Pasquale to become a leading expert in axillary breast augmentation. He is currently one of the few plastic surgeons in the world who can perform silicone breast augmentation through the axillary incision. Dr. Pasquale travels extensively demonstrating and instructing on the usage of the Boob-A-Rang instrument for both breast augmentation and buttock implant surgery.

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